COVID-19 Coronavirus – Requests for Sick Notes

In light of the current Coronavirus situation, we thought the following information would be useful for all patients or employers who might request a Med3 Fit Note or ‘Sick note’ for periods of absence due to Covid19 Coronavirus.

Government advice for employees is as follows:

By law, medical evidence is not required for the first 7 days of sickness (employees can self-certify). After 7 days, it is for the employer to determine what evidence they require, if any, from the employee.

Some employees may be required to isolate themselves due to another member of the household being symptomatic, or through being high risk. In these cases, your GP will not be abIe to issue a Med3 as the time off work is not due to an illness, and isn’t affecting your ability to work, but rather is a precaution to avoid transmission of any illness that is yet to produce symptoms. Once again, the Government expect employers to be sympathetic in these circumstances.

If you need evidence for your employer please click on the link below:

You may also find the following links useful:

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

Wadebridge and Camel Estuary Practice