Open for Business

Health is presently uppermost in everyone’s minds. It is important to remember that there are significant health concerns beyond COVID-19.

Patients with symptoms that may suggest cancer still need to be investigated. Patients with chest pain that could be a heart attack still need emergency treatment. A patient who has appendicitis still needs treating. Children who are poorly or a concern still need assessing. The surgery remains open to help. Treliske Hospital also has capacity to continue managing urgent issues. You help us to help you by making contact sooner. Earlier treatment invariably gives better results.

The Wadebridge and Camel Estuary Practice Team are very grateful for your support. We continue to be committed to care for you, whatever the nature of your problem. If it turns out that you have something that is not urgent, we can reassure you. We may suggest waiting until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted to review you.

But if you think your symptoms need urgent attention, we need to know about them so we can help. If you are unsure, you can use the NHS website,, for guidance and information.

The safest way to contact the surgery is by phone 01208 812222 or using eConsult, a simple form on the practice website. By staying away from the surgery sites, unless attending an appointment, you are helping to fight COVID-19.